Meet the Imagician - Michael

09/11/2015 9:22pm

  • Michael Bolch is our go to guy for anything video. He’s our camera guy and he’s also our editor, animator, and he dabbles in a bit of design as well. His career also happens to be his passion. Outside of work, he’s what you might call a cinephile. That’s another way of saying he’s at the movies a lot.  And we mean A LOT. He usually goes to see 2 movies in a weekend.

    He’s inspired by sharp, thoughtful editing and great imagery. And loves a sharply-edited, well-written dialogue scene. Take the opening scene from “Inglorious Basterds,” you know the one, with Christoph Waltz as Hans Landu and the glass of milk… if you are saying no - click this link and watch this scene right now. 

    He really, really doesn’t like overdone CGI, (that’s industry talk for Computer Graphic Imagery) and feels it’s best only when used sparingly. Michael absolutely loves anything with large-scale, practical, in-camera effects. You know, like the 18-wheeler truck flip in The Dark Knight. No? Really? Here’s the link to that one as well.

  • After leaving the movie theatre, he can get on a good 20-minute rant on exactly why any movie was great or terrible.

    Favourite directors: David Fincher, Mark Romanek and Terrance Malick.

    Favourite cinematographer: Emmanuel Lubezki. 

    Favourite movie: Zodiac (which he hated when he first saw it). Other favourites are Mean Girls, Frost/Nixon and Chicago.

    He will see anything with Melissa McCarthy in it. You know Melissa McCarthy. Oh, you do? Finally. Maybe Mike and you have somethings to talk about. Like the new Ghostbusters? Seriously don’t even get me, I mean him, started. :)