Meet the Imagician - Delphine

17/03/2016 12:34pm

  • A recent addition to the Imagic team, Delphine tells me she is a Francophile. Thank you Google for telling me that she doesn’t love James Franco, but rather that Delphine loves anything French; baguette, croissants, chocolat, you name it, “ elle aime tout ce qui est  Français.” (She loves anything French). It probably has something to do with the fact that she is French. She was “Anglo-fied” when she lived in London for 11 years, then HongKong for 5 years and has just completed her first year here in NZ. It’ll come as no surprise that Delphine also loves moving, travelling, and different cultures.

  • She is our new studio manager and is “une personne très agréable," (sweet as). Before Imagic, Delphine worked for Universal Music (digital marketing) in London for a couple of years and was temping for Northlands and FairFax Media more recently in Christchurch. 

    She also loves spending time with her two girls (6 & 3) and is a big fan of sandy beaches and hot weather; let’s check back in with her after her first Christchurch winter! Next time you’re in, be sure to say “Bonjour,” and bring some petit pain chocolate.