Meet the Imagician - Chris

17/03/2016 12:34pm

  • Chris is obsessed with pop culture, so much so that he is known around the office as “Chrisapedia”. If you want to know who was that guy in that scene with that other guy in that movie with the dog, you know the one… Chris will out Google Google with his inexhaustible font of cinematic trivia. It might have something to do with his damn impressive collection of movies. How impressive? Think of all the movies you have ever owned and now multiply that by infinity.

  • Being a pop culture fanatic, Chris is fascinated by America, it’s history, colourful social landscape and impact on cinema, fashion and language. While everyone else is watching Donald Trump with mouth agape, Chris is popping more microwave popcorn and settling in to watch the fireworks.

    One little known fact, that even his fellow Imagicians don’t know. When he was just 3 years old, he entered a Michael Jackson dance contest at Linwood Mall and won first prize. Has he still got the moves? Next time you’re in the office, you might just have to ask him.