Meet the Imagician - Andrew

09/11/2015 9:22pm

  • The first rule of FOTO Club? You must always talk about Foto Club. Andrew is one of our Senior Digital Designer / Developers and he loves to talk about Foto Club. Around 3 years ago, he created a website for a photographer friend for mates rates. He paid Andrew by giving him a Nikon DSLR. Which was like giving Jimi Hendrix a guitar or Jim Henson a frog puppet with a handy bumhole. In short… and to paraphrase Admiral Ackbar:

    “It was a trap.”

    He was hooked. He devoured online tutorials. Starting shooting every aspect of his life. 

  • He learned more and more about photography, and then came down with a chronic case of GAS (Gear-Acquisition-Syndrome). He started getting a lot of good feedback and thought, “Hey, I'm actually good at this thang.” Next thing you know, he’s getting booked for portraits, weddings, real-estate, events, and bam, now he’s Andy Lee-Bowitz.

    He’s really into into street photography. Andrew even takes budding photographers on photo tours of Christchurch. AKA Foto Club. Check some of his work out here…