Meet the Imagician - Paul E

26/05/2016 10:54am

  • Paul tells us, he can’t really switch the design brain off, so he just goes with it. Even the magnetic letters that hold up the kid’s art on the fridge are a hand chosen font. His children don’t like it when he helps with homework, as he wants to change the font and layouts - “No Dad, we don’t want to have foil or special paper stocks!” Paul is obsessed with modernism and post modernism especially in connection to furniture, architecture. And Macs. He loves everything Apple although is yet to succumb to the lure of the Watch. He says he still prefers the form and function of a traditional Timex.

  • Or perhaps it’s that he’s not ready to wear a timepiece that periodically reminds him how long he has been sitting at his desktop surfing design blogs. When he was 11, he tried to make a voice phaser, so he could sound like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica. How did it turn out? Well, let’s just say, he’s found his calling with Art Direction, and he’s going to leave the circuit boards, welding, and serious burns for another lifetime.