3 Top Tips to Improve your Annual Report

30/06/2016 8:45am

  • For some, the creation and delivery of an annual report is simply another compliance box that has to be ticked. We at Imagic however, see it as a great opportunity to extend upon your brand story as well as communicate your achievements, providing a platform to impart objectives and strategy for the year ahead. Our team have put together five handy tips to help you bring your annual report to life (and celebrate your brand) for both your internal team and your investors.  


    1. Differentiate

    We appreciate there are a list of mandatory items that must be included in the report. The great thing about strict parameters is they are what make most creative teams thrive. Delivery is what will make you stand out from the rest. Getting creative with the layout. Making the reading of the report a visual and tonal pleasure for your stakeholders.


  • 2. Keep it interesting

    Annual reports often start with a bang and then end with a whimper of long blocks of uninterrupted text. This is when people shut off and end up missing key information lessening the impact of your message. Collaborate with your art director or designer, so that your visual story is as consistent as your tonal one - use plenty of images and present your results visually using infographics, charts and graphs.

    3. Go digital

    More and more people will want to interact with your report online. Make sure your online version isn’t an afterthought. Your digital annual report is an opportunity to expand the story and increase the interactivity. Include extras like hyperlinks to further information, links to relevant websites and embedded videos. Make sure you thoroughly test your online report for usability at regular stages during its design.