Marie's 3 minute crash course in Swedish

31/10/2016 1:53am

  • First let’s start with some Kiwi slang…

    She’ll be right! = Det blir bra
    Aye = va
    Mean as = grymt

    Next time you’re in Stockholm and you want to sound hip…

    If something is really cool you’d say, "Vad ballt”, if everything is all good, "Det går”, and if someone is being a dick. "Vilken idiot”. Or "Han ar bakom flötet” (but this is more like someone that doesn’t get it).

    But Marie points out that Swedish could possibly be the most unintentionally naughty sounding language in the world. These are all Swedish words and their English meaning:

  • Fart = Speed
    Prick = dot
    Puss = a kiss or a lot of people say "puss puss" as a way of saying goodbye
    Kock = chef
    Bra = means good
    Sex = number 6 in Swedish
    Slut = end/finish
    Fack = it’s kinda like a drawer or compartment
    Kant = corner
    Jerker = That’s a male name

    Crikey, you wouldn’t want to kiss a chef named “Dot”, who just cooked you a good meal that you finished at speed while sitting in the corner. You’d sound like a bit of a Jerker.

    Thanks for sharing a smidgen of your culture with us Marie!  Or as they say in Sweden, “Tak!”