Google Remarketing

10/11/2015 9:44am

  • Ever wondered why that pair of shoes that you were checking out online last week are now following you around the web? You’re on Facebook, you’re looking up cinema listings, you’re reading the news - anywhere you go, there they are. What’s going on and how is this happening? Well we’ve all heard of Google marketing, but this ladies and gentlemen, is Google Remarketing!

    Simply put, Google Remarketing also know as ‘Retargeting’ is focussed around the idea of targeting ads at an already interested audience.

    When you view a site which has activated Google Remarketing, you are added to a list, much like an email mailing list. For instance, you might be looking at a dinnerware set on Briscoes online but you don’t complete a purchase. You are now be added to a Briscoes list for ‘Kitchenware’. When you move on to other sites that use Google Ads, Google will check the lists that you have been added to and display ads accordingly, in this case an ad from Briscoes, designed for those on their ‘Kitchenware’ list.

  • Tags can be added to these lists to give advertisers control over elements such as limiting the amount of times a person sees this ad per day, how long you remain on this remarketing list and what websites their ads will be displayed on.

    Think of it as signing up to a mailing list for things you’ve searched and then receiving little direct mailouts in the form of banner ads as you browse online.

    The positives of Google Remarketing are immense for both customers and advertisers. Customers experience a more targeted and relevant advertising experience, while companies have that ‘second chance’ with customers. Google Remarketing means that even though you might not convert online customers the first time, you can continue to market to them and stay in the conversation.