Talent Wanted

Senior Digital Designer 2020

Are you a friendly, neighbourhood web superhero?
Were you bitten by a radioactive server?
Do you spin elegant front end website design with a flick of your wrist?
Does bad UX have you climbing the walls?

OK, you made it through all the ropey Marvel™ genre-based puns.

You've passed the first test; you can survive an agency environment.

We are looking for someone with extreme talent that could take the lead.

Ideally, you will be a senior full-stack web designer, who can plan UX, wireframes/prototypes design, visual design, and front coding to a high standard. You will be a comprehensive specialist not only in digital design but understand the context in which someone will interact and use your design, be it web, mobile or any other interface.

This is an extremely varied role that will suit someone who is process-driven, motivated by new technology and is looking for a position where they can make their mark.

Is this you?

  • Have 4+ years' experience in the industry
  • Plan UX, wireframes/prototypes design visual design
  • Passionate about designing innovative user-facing digital content
  • Experience in front-end development CSS/VueJs or similar
  • Front coding, HTML, CSS, PHP, JS / jQuery, ES6
  • Understand the fundamentals of PHP, MySQL, Git

Not a dealbreaker, but if you have some experience in videography, photography, After Effects…

Keen to be part of a great team with good blah blah yadda yadda…

Do you have a hot portfolio? If yes, then we have money, and shelter, air-con, clean running water, very little typhoid, and diet coke in the fridge.

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