Meet Dora, our new search marketing specialist!

Dora profile

Dora has joined us to be Imagic’s new Search Marketer. Helping our clients with their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and providing valuable insight for the development of digital strategies.

She has been working in the marketing industry for 12 years. During her career she has worked in retail, hospitality, government, entertainment, events, tourism and ad agency in New Zealand and Portugal.

Originally from Portugal, she has been living in Christchurch for almost 5 years. She has a management degree, a masters in Marketing and is currently doing an MBA.

Why digital marketing?

Dora says, “Digital become a huge part of how we are: as people, consumers, business, etc. It has changed the world’s dynamic. What I love about digital is the fact that business can explore new and solid opportunities to interact with their clients in a way that has never happened before - it’s a world full of opportunities.”

Outside of work?

She really loves to travel and be in contact with different cultures, and so tends to travel quite often during the year. Dora tells us, “It’s my fuel :-).” Dora also loves creative culinary expression. “I love to cook. In fact, I would say it’s almost a hobby as I like to be creative and try different things when I am cooking. I do lots of sports, go to the gym and practice yoga. I also love to run and walk with my beautiful dog.”