Heat Mapping


Using Visual Analytics to supercharge your website conversion

‘Heat mapping’ is a way to represent and analyse user activity on a web page and discover what barriers to conversion your site may have. It shows the density of user activity at key points on the page by highlighting it with colours of varying intensity. It can represent, for example, number of clicks on elements and other useful ratios like clicks vs hovers. Essentially, what it is doing is mouse-tracking: heat mapping tracks the mouse-movement and activity of all visitors to a site over a period of time and represents it graphically.

Let’s take a look at the most popular heat map tools and how they help in identifying barriers to conversion.

1. Mouse-Movement Heat Map

Want to know what visitors who convert do differently from the visitors who don’t? Mouse-movement tracking tools track mouse-movement of all your users and then represent the data visually over the page. They reveal how users read and navigate the page. Most mouse-movement maps also show how many visitors hover over a particular area of the page, which gauges the attention these page-areas command.

2. Scroll Map

Scroll maps help you understand to what point of a page users scroll and where they abandon the page. Depending on the scroll behaviour of users, you can adjust the length of your webpages for maximum effectiveness. 

3. Click Map

Click maps show you where your users click on a page. Bad design is bad business. Using click maps, you can weed out unwanted distractions on the page to streamline user experience.

4. Form Tester

Forms are the “crunch time” of websites. It’s where a user becomes a prospect, and later, a paid customer.  Your landing page content might be the best in the business, but unless your form is just as good and commands attention and inspires trust, conversions will suffer.

Form tester tools help understand how users interact with the form — where on the form they spend the most time hovering, where they click and how they engage with it.

If you’re worried your site isn’t getting the conversion rates it should be, we can help you to turn the heat up and map out what needs to be done to make improvements.

Paul Fairbairn